Alice's adventures in wonderland is very good book. I really love it because this book is a fantasy story that is never outdated. this book also gives us many life lessons. this book is great for reading children. later, when I have children, I will read it to my child before they go to bed. Alice in Wonderland has also been adapted to become a big screen movie. great for family.

This adventure story is also interesting to read because its main readers, children, share similar traits with Alice. Alice is portrayed as a child with enormous curiosity but still has the innocence of thinking. This is clearly seen in the part where Alice tried to drink a concoction which she herself did not know had any impact on her, then she shrank and enlarged repeatedly because of it. The innocence of thinking in the style of a child is also shown by Alice when she tells the story of her pet cat, Dinah, to a group of animals she meets. He also told innocently Dinah's skills in capturing mice or lizards, making the herd of animals in an uproar and struggling to escape. Funny thing is, Alice herself was surprised by this. The innocence and simplicity of thinking is always shown by Alice throughout her adventures so that childhood readers have an imagination about the figure of Alice who is not much different from themselves.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll
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